Chairing an ICRAV Session

To ensure that each Session is chaired identically, we have the following suggestions:

Pre-Session duties:

  • Research the people you will be introducing
  • Obviously, be aware of when/where the Session will be held
  • Confirm everything is in order before the Session, especially the IT – audio-visual, computer, microphone arrangements
  • Ensure you’re comfortable with the placement of lectern, tables, chairs; particularly if there’s a panel discussion to be held

Within the Session:

  • If required, make a short introduction – explain why this session is being held; are their particular questions to be resolved?
  • Ensure the Session runs on time, the organisers are relying on you to keep the sessions on schedule

Flow of time:

  • There are many presentations and so the time control is vital, to allow all speakers adequate time for their message, please keep the speakers on time.
  • The standard period is usually a total of 20 minutes. If so, presenters should aim to speak for 15/16 minutes; and leave 4/5 mins for questions.
  • Speakers should be advised that they’ll receive a reminder at 15 mins, and be asked to begin concluding at 18 minutes.
  • The opportunity to field questions obviously depends upon the time they have left remaining.

At the end:

Summarise and come to a conclusion

Chairperson’s Conclusions

After every Session, five significant minutes are usually left for the Chair. Each Session is important; no Session should be left ‘hanging’, for want of a conclusion. Please:

  1. Deliver a short summary
  2. Make a conclusion/recommendation; perhaps one or more from below:
    • Are any of these topics ongoing? Is there a need for more research; and presentations at future ICRAVs?
    • Is there a recommendation that applies to analytical or regulatory practice?
    • Should there be implementation in members’ jurisdictions?
    • Should this information be publicised (to the industry)
    • Should the AORC/IGSRV/ICRAV have a formal position on these issues?
    • If so, should it become a motion at the AORC/IGSRV/ICRAV Business Mtgs?

If there’s strong support for a particular conclusion/recommendation … more research, future ICRAV presentations or it should go to a Business Meeting, please note it down and pass on to the concerned ICRAV  organiser or AORC / IGSRV executive.